The Caribbean Stud Poker

The Caribbean Stud Poker is one of many ways how to play poker. The game is played at the table separately prepared for 6 to 7 marked places with such number of players. It is played with a single pack of 52 cards.

The Caribbean poker is played against the “house”, which means that each player compares the strength of proper cards with the cards of the dealer (that is the croupier) who plays for the house.
Each player takes only one marked field and plays only for himself, while consulting with the co-players is strictly forbidden.
In case the croupier deals the cards wrongly, for instance if a player or the croupier gets one card more or one card less then that round is invalidated.
To start the game there is necessary to be at least one player.

ANTE – the initial bet
The player who wants to participate in the game places his bet on the field ANTE. The bet must amount within the obligatory minimal and maximal bets.

The croupier deals the cards (one by one) and each player gets five closed cards face down, and the croupier deals to himself also five cards turning only the fifth card face up.
Quitting from the game
Every player checks his cards and decides whether to remain in the game or not. If the player is not satisfied with his cards and he does not want to continue, the player only lays the cards face down and says “NO”. In that case the player loses the proper initial bet placed on the field “ANTE”. It is strictly forbidden to quit from the game and show the cards to the co-players.

Continuation of the game
If the player wants to continue the game he doubles the initial bet from the player’s field “ANTE” and places it on the field “BET” laying the cards face down just beside the field “BET”.
At that phase all the players declare their wish to whether to quit from the game (and the croupier collect their initial bets and the cards), or to continue the game and in that case they place a double bet on their cards.

The players are also entitled to change one card and so they have to throw out one card and then pay an additional bet amounting to the bet of “ANTE”, by which they acquire the right to get another card.
For continuing the game the croupier must have among his cards at least a King or an Ace, otherwise if he has weaker cards or no better combination then the croupier pays out all the players who played up to that phase only the amount placed on the initial bet – ANTE.
In the event the croupier has the minimal combination an Ace and a King or higher he opens the cards from the left to the right one field by one and compares them with the players’ cards. The players that have weaker cards lose and the ones with stronger cards are paid out according to the table below.

If the player has the minimal combination an Ace or a King and the croupier also has only an Ace and a King the result is a PUSH, regardless of the other cards.

When the player and the croupier have the same winning combination the higher card in the winning combination is decisive. If these cards are identical
the higher card outside the combination determines the winner, and if even then they are identical the game is EVEN – nobody loses nor wins.





Jedan par



Dva para

K, 3, 3


Tri s- tri

8, 8


Skala – pet
po redu

10, J, Q, K


Color – pet
u istoj boji

5, 6, J, K – iste boje


Full – tri
i par

10, 10, 4, 4


Poker – četiri

2, 2, 2


Skala – u
istoj boji

7, 8, 9, 10 – iste boje


Kraljevska skala

10, J, Q, K, A
– iste boje


All the visitors who are properly registered at the casino reception can participate in the game on the condition they have got a sitting place.


ANTE- initial bet

BET- additional

Minimal bet



Maximal bet



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