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The prestigious NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship made a comeback in 2013 and it was won by Mike “The Mouth” Matusow defeats Hellmuth to Win 2013 NHUPC cup. The prestigious cup was lifted by the winner after a magnificent display of skill and agility. The entire tournament witness high quality competition where experience and maturity stood in battle against new generation players. Most of the matches of this championship witnessed ups and downs and sharp display of skill and concentration. The battle was won by Matusow where he defeated his friend Hellmuth by a margin of 2-1. This narrow margin clearly shows the high level of competition between the two masters.

As said earlier, the tournament was participated by the players who had been quite adept in playing the poker games. Most of the players were quite good at any level. That is enough to make you feel and believe that both the finalists had to face tough challenges. The war was fought by great players who were fighting for prize money of $750k. It was not small in any manner. Their journey to the final stage was not smooth at all as they had to fight in each and every game they played en route to their finals.

The Champion Matusow defeated players like Barry Greenstein, Michael Mizrachi, John Hennigan, and Scott Seiver.  On the other hand the championship runner up Hellmuth defeated Mike Sexton, Justin Smith, Eugene Katchalov, and Joe Serock.  The players were not new in any circuit and that is why the onlookers had a great time watching them playing through the championship. Both the finalists were the real talents as far as the game of poker is concerned and their performance says it all. Their battle in the finals was also a great fight.  There is no doubt that the final encounter between these two players was the best out of all the matches that were played in the entire championship.

The final was also full of ups and downs and at time, it was difficult to predict who would be the winner. Keeping the nerves under control was more important for the players and that is where Matusow kept cool and won the last match maintaining a winning margin of 2-1. Such encounters actually make them last longer in the attention of the spectators. The prize money of $750k went to the lawful winner Matusow.

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