Texas Hold’em Poker rules

Texas Hold’em Poker is a card game. It is played with a standard 52-card deck.
There must be at least two players (going “heads up”) to the utmost eleven players. The players can play between themselves and the organiser (who leads and arbitrates) collects the tax from every win (cagnotte) amounting to max 2%.

It denotes the player instead of whom the casino dealer deals the cards. In the beginning the player who is sitting on the position 1, in the second dealing that same player is on the position 2, later on the position 3 and so on.

The first player to the left side of the imagined player “D” (dealer) is the first who is dealt the cards and must always play the “small blind”, then the next player must play the “big blind” Each player is dealt two cards face down and afterwards in the order 3+1+1 the player turns over five community cards = “board”.
Choosing the five best cards from seven (2 one’s own + 3 from the board, or 1 of the player’s card + 4 from the board, or all 5 from the board) each player tries to make the best combination of cards.

As stated above the first player to the left of the imagined dealer (“D”) is the first one who is dealt the cards and he must play the “small blind”, the next player plays the “big blind”. The following player can increase the “blind”. The “big blind” can be increased at maximum for four times.

Starting with the mark “D” (dealer) each person is dealt one card clockwise, then in the second round the second card. Both cards are face down. These two cards are called pocket cards. The players then look at their two cards and the betting begins, starting with the player to the left of the last “blind” (regular) or of the raise.
The players in turn are betting with:
“call” = follow, “raise” = raising the bet, “fold” = quit
Raise can in any phase of the game be postponed at maximum for four times.

After ending the first betting round the croupier turns over three cards in the middle of the table. These 3 cards are called the “flop” – community cards, which players can use to create their best result. The betting takes place, beginning with the player to the left of the marker “D” (dealer). The player has three possibilities: “fold” = quit, “check” = continue, “bet” = place a bet. After the first betting each player can in the following rounds “fold”, “call” or “raise”.

Turn or Fourth Street
After the croupier has closed the bets in the Flop phase, he turns over another card called “Turn”, which is the fourth community card. After the players have seen the “turn” card the betting occurs in the same order. Therefore they choose as in the Flop phase: “fold”, “check”, bet”, “call, “raise”. In the Turn phase the bet is twice higher than the initial one.

River or Fifth Street
At the end the croupier turns over the fifth card. It is called “River” or “Fifth Street” and is the last community card. Then the betting occurs identical to the previous Turn phase (“fold”, “check”, “bet”, “call”, “raise”).

After the final betting round the croupier invites the player who made the last raise to show the cards – “Showdown”.
The remaining players compare their cards. The player with the best hand is the winner. The others with a worse combination lose.
When the five community cards make the best combination the remaining players in the game share the gain equally – “the board play”.

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