Casino Royal

All persons over 18 years of age have the right to participate in the game and the entrance into the casino is conditioned by showing a personal document.

As the bet for playing slot machines the game coins bought at the cash desk are used. The authorized person in the Casino can exchange the playing coins or the remaining credit for money after the game.

The player participates in the game when the coin is inserted into the slot machine, or when the player bets an amount on the game, as well as by inserting game coins or paper money into the slot machine.

The player acquires the right to a win when a determined combination of signs or numbers is obtained, which is visibly displayed on the slot machine.

The schedule of wins and combination of signs on the basis of which a certain gain can be realized is noticeably displayed on each slot machine.

Determining the wins in the game is done automatically by the slot machine and without any draw. The machine does the payout automatically by throwing a certain amount of coins or by registering the player’s winning amount credit immediately after the realized combination, which entitles the player to the gain.

In case the gain surpasses the maximal possible payout of the slot machine, the respective amount will be paid out at the casino cash desk.

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